November 8th 2019 – It’s been a mixed 12 months for Cantata Music Education with some highs and sadly some lows.

This time last year we were in the final rehearsals for our Requiem for Ladies voices: Missa Pro Pace – Requiem for Peace which we performed at ST George’s Church, Poynton on November 18th 2018. It was after this performance that our lovely pianist, Pamela Jay told me that her cancer had returned.

Sadly, Pam passed away on 1st May and she is missed by all of us, not only for her piano playing skills, but also her fun and sense of humour and her willingness to do what she could to enable everyone to take part in making music together. As well as Pam, this year we have lost several of our regular and long-standing choir members, many from our largest choir based here in Poynton, MAPSingers. Due to circumstances beyond my control all the final summer rehearsals and concerts were cancelled. However, we are now back up and running again and you can find out about our Christmas concerts as well as next summer’s dates on the Events page of the website.

These were the lows, but the highs were just as noteworthy. Most noticeably: we reached the grand old age of 10 years old and celebrated with a fantastic Anniversary Dinner at The
Deanwater Hotel in Woodford. Our co-founder, Annie, came down from Scotland to join us for this and Matt Baker came across from Chester to share the celebrations.

Matt also gave us a fabulous afternoon of singing recently, again all part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations. Two of our choirs also celebrated 10 years of singing together: MAPSingers and WAKS Lyrical started with us in 2009, so of course we had a bit of a party at each choir.

Check out our Gallery sections for photographs of all these and more.

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