Symphony of Souls

In between all the music rehearsals and concerts, Catherine has also written two books which are now available from the Kindle store on Amazon. The books are part of a trilogy called Symphony of Souls and tell the story of three worlds linked by gateways. The books also centre around music and young musicians and focus on the power within music as a medium for healing and to evoke an emotional response.

Written initially for upper KS2/lower KS3 children, (10 – 14 years,) the books also appeal to older teenagers and adults and are quick and easy to read. The main characters are teenagers who are talented musicians – the heroes and heroines of the books. The first book is called Overture and the second book is called Entr’acte. The third book is called Finale, thus keeping the musical link through the trilogy and will be available next year.

Whilst Symphony of Souls is the title of the trilogy, it is also a piece of music for four wind instruments. Catherine has written this piece of music expressly for the books as well as another piece called Lament for Anton. This second piece is used as a healing mechanism for one of the main characters and in book two the characters refer to this piece as the Healing music. Also in book two, Entr’acte, there is another piece of music, Lullaby, again written specially to accompany the story.

These music files are included in the price of the book and are available as mp3 files. If you would like to hear these original pieces of music, having purchased a book, please send an email to Catherine at stating the book for which you require the music.


Symphony of Souls - 1BOOK ONE: OVERTURE

When talented flautist Gabrielle Dubois, orphaned and now living at The Orbus Foundation, finds an old piece of music in the library, little did she know it would be the start of an amazing adventure that would turn out to be, quite literally, out of this world. Joining up with Anton Johansen, a clarinet player with an equally unusual story, she learns the secret of her family’s past. As reality and fantasy appear to merge, they are given a strange quest: to locate the remaining Soul Keeper and through the power of music, save a world from certain destruction. But time is running out… Click here to view the book on the Amazon Store.


Symphony of Souls - 2BOOK TWO: ENTR’ACTE

After ridding Auramirus of the evil that was Avariza, Gabrielle and Anton decide to return to Earth one final time to close down the portals between their two worlds. However, a horrible shock awaits them as they arrive at The Orbus International Foundation. Meeting up with Simon, they find that all is not what it seems and people have been changed…

Click here to view the book on the Amazon Store.