Anyone Inn

Telling the story of the Nativity.

Anyone Inn

Although written for Schools and Church Youth Groups, this package is extremely flexible in that in can be arranged to suit your needs. Shorter in length, it tells the story of the Nativity and can also be arranged for smaller adult and church choirs with traditional Bible readings linking the songs instead of a script.

The Primary Schools and Church Youth version tells the Christmas story in a new, exciting way. National television has heard a rumour that Caesar is about to announce new tax plans. How will these affect the ordinary man on the street? Roving reporters, Anath and Keshet, head for the town of Bethlehem to find out. However, the story that unfolds is not the one they expected.

Join the intrepid reporters as they talk to the inhabitants of Bethlehem, including the innkeepers, who suddenly find themselves rushed off their feet as hundreds of visitors pour into the town. And what of the poor couple who arrive very late? Do they manage to find somewhere to stay? Just as everything starts to quieten down, and Anath and Keshet have decided to move on, along come more visitors; not to stay at the excellent hostelries Bethlehem can offer, but to visit a penniless couple and their new-born baby.


Musical Numbers:

  • Bethlehem Town
  • The Soldiers’ March
  • Bethlehem Bound
  • Welcome!
  • Dance a Hora

  • It’s a Boy!
  • Shepherds Playing Merrily
  • Three Wise Men
  • Anyone Welcome

Music Score:

Price = £24.99

This includes suggested Bible readings, script and character cards. The score can also be arranged in 2, 3 or 4 part vocals as required.

Schools or Church Package:

Price = £29.99

This includes character cards, full script, improvisation ideas, piano accompaniments to all songs, song sheets ready to photocopy and backing CD.



CD’s are £9.99 each. We can provide a backing CD plus sectional CDs for any format you require.


Visual Samples:

Check out the visual samples below by clicking the thumbnails:


The openings of The Soldiers’ March and It’s a Boy!

Extracts from Shepherds, playing merrily and Anyone is welcome.


Sample Text #1

Sample Text #2


Sample of the Character Cards


Audio Samples

Have a listen to the audio samples below by clicking the play button:

Anyone is welcome
[audio:Anyoneiswelcome.mp3|titles=Anyone is welcome|artists=Cantata Music]
It’s a boy
[audio:ItsaBoy.mp3|titles=It’s a boy|artists=Cantata Music]
Shepherds playing merrily
[audio:Shepherdspipes.mp3|titles=Shepherds playing merrily|artists=Cantata Music]
The Soldiers’ March
[audio:TheSoldiersMarch.mp3|titles=The Soldiers’ March|artists=Cantata Music]



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