Find out all about our various choirs.

The emphasis in our choirs is very much on fun and enjoyment. There is no audition process and choir members do not need to have any previous experience – those who have no musical knowledge at all are taught the basics as they go along. For many, it is the first time they have sung like this since school days.

Cantata Music Choirs

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We follow the maxim that there is no such thing as not being able to sing. It’s the most natural thing in the world as we were all born singing. However, people have been made to feel very self-conscious about singing in front of others, whether in a group or individually. We are determined to break down the barriers caused when people were told, often at school in years gone by, that they couldn’t sing, or were to “stand on the back row and mime”.

There is plenty of research to support the claim that singing is good for you and we definitely subscribe to this. Our choir sessions feature breathing and vocal warm-ups; singers are often taught songs from memory which helps to keep minds active; and there’s always a chat over a cup of tea and a biscuit at the end of the rehearsal. A large majority of our choir members have never sung in a choir before and are now experiencing the health, well-being and general joie de vivre that comes hand in hand with singing in a large group. Singing has a definite impact on health in a variety of ways and we have seen members of our choirs reap these benefits, both physical and mental, over even short periods of regular singing. There’s nothing like the sheer pleasure of opening your mouth and singing out loud for that feel good factor.

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New members pay weekly for three sessions, whilst deciding whether to join us, then fees are paid as a half-termly subscription at a cost of £7.50 a session. This includes room hire, all music, tuition, a choir folder and refreshments at the end of the rehearsal. The most daunting aspect of joining one of our choirs is taking that first step of walking through the door. Once in, you can be sure of a warm welcome. All we ask of members is enthusiasm to give things a go.

If you’ve never sung in a choir before you may find it rather confusing to begin with. Be patient and give yourself time and you will gradually find your feet – and your voice. Anything you don’t understand, simply ask us. We encourage members to attempt as much as they are able. We do not put pressure on members before they feel ready to move forward.

After the summer break, all choirs resume in the week beginning 10th September.  New members are always warmly welcomed – no auditions, no pressure.


Choirs – When and Where?

Be sure to check out all the choirs that are currently running, we have detailed them below. To learn more about each event, just click its name to be taken to its page.


CounterPoynt Ladies Choir – Takes place at St Martin’s Church Hall, Shrigley Road North, Higher Poynton. 7.30 – 9.00pm

MAPSingers – Takes place at St George’s Church Hall, Fountain Place, Poynton. 2.00 – 3.30pm.


Peak Harmony, Takes place at Holy Trinity Church, Buxton Road, Whaley Bridge, 2.00 – 3.30pm.


WOWSingers – Takes place at Chapel Court, Hawthorn Street, Wilmslow. 10.30am – 12noon.

WAKS Lyrical – Takes place at St Vincent’s RC Church, Knutsford. 2.00pm – 3.30pm.


M.A.C.C. – Takes place at St Paul’s Parish Centre, Glegg Street, Macclesfield. 2.15 – 3.45pm.